Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a streaming service that you can use to either watch users stream content from their life, or stream your own content for others to watch. Also, allows you to watch streams that have been recorded or save your own stream so that no one ever misses the content produced.

How do I start streaming and what should I do?

In order to start streaming click the “Go Live” button in the top right. Remember that other users can view this stream, and you should act accordingly. If you are filming it, other users can see it. In order to make sure your content is viewed, we recommend having a specific theme or vibe to your content. Meaning that, if you enjoy sports, make your stream sports themed instead of having too many categories. 

What am I allowed to share? encourages you to use best judgment when deciding what is appropriate to share while streaming. Please remember that any content we feel is inappropriate will result in termination or suspension of your account. Definite restrictions include, but are not limited to: consumption of illegal substances, promotion of violence, pornographic materials, and unlawful privacy or security breaches.

How does sharing on Twitter or Facebook work?

Once you have started streaming, you can post a link on your Facebook or Twitter account to have your friends watch. The link will bring your friends to, and then they can watch your stream.  We highly recommend doing this so that you can grow your viewer-base!

Can you explain the follow and friend difference?

If you want to see more of a particular user, you can follow that user. If the same user follows you back, you become friends.  You can follow whomever you want to! You then become friends when you are mutual followers. 

How do I delete my recording?

If you decide to delete a recording after you have saved it, there is a trash icon on the top right of the clip under your Me section.

How do I get more followers?

Having quality content usually makes people want to follow you.  Inviting your friends from social media site will also help you get more followers. Some other things could be a good photo, appropriate tags, and constant streaming. Remember that users will choose to view based on many different reasons. 

How do I unfollow someone?

Go to your following section and pick the person you want to unfollow. 

Can I make my stream private?

Yes we offer private streaming. When making your stream just click the option to “mark as invite only.”

Is there someone I can contact?

Yes please direct questions to [email protected]